Why Falconry Isn’t Famous in the U.S

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Why Falconry Isn’t Famous in the U.S There are many sports, like soccer, cricket and falconry, that are famous everywhere around the world but not in the U.S. Falconry is a sport in which a hunter uses a predator bird – falcons in this case – in hunting for prey like rabbits, many types of birds and even wolves and foxes. The history of this sport is very deep and ancient, beginning from Far East around China and spreading out to the Middle East and other parts of Europe. Falconry is not a famous sport in the United States. Main reasons that caused this to happen are the unfamiliar landscape in the States, wild life protection and hunting regulations and the lack of motivations within the American people. First of all, we its known that a country like the U.S is very sensitive about the safety of the natural life and the native animals, and for that reason, we don’t find many people who are able to breed those – mostly – foreign predator birds in the country, and then use them in the sport, while in the Middle East and Asia, those birds are native animals, and using them in the sport won’t affect the environment over there. Bringing new species and then not taking care of them may result in a great danger that eventually will destroy and mess up native ecosystems. The landscape in America is mostly either high mountains or green lands and in some parts cold and snowy; as a result, you can’t find the right place to hunt, which is usually deserts and open spaces in which the birds and hunters can spot prey easily. Some people would think California and other close states are somehow deserts and may fit for the sport. True, but at the same time how many wild life animals could be considered as a good prey in those areas? Of course not many if any. American deserts also contain too many kinds and breeds of big trees and bushes in which preys hide for hours which

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