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The Jacquerie 1. Describe the peasant who supported the 3 estates * This peasant who supported the three estates on his back, with the bent atlas of the medieval world, who was now striking terror through the social caste system. They were very hard working and paid a lot of fine’s; for using the master’s utilities, for going to the court to get a problem worked out, and even for their own children’s wedding. 2. What was the peasants’ major grievance against the nobles? * A major grievance for the peasant’s was the way they were treated by the other classes. They were always treated with disdain, no one wanted to trust or believe in a peasant. It seemed to be against the law. Nobles would treat the peasants like dirt; they didn’t make…show more content…
Were the Peasant’s diverse? How? * Yes. Just like any other class, there were poor and rich peasants. There were some peasants that could afford to send their children to college, and others who could afford to eat one full meal. Peasants were not exactly slaves, but they were not entirely free either. There were serfs, who belonged to the lord by birth. Serfs were responsible for most of the work around the lord’s manor. 4. Who did the church ally with? Why? * The church completely supported this system. The Church taught the peasant’s that if they did not serve their lords and follow this system, they will be sent to hell and be punished for eternity. The priest even charged a tithe, like grain, or farm animals, and told the peasant’s that the tax is owed to God. The Church’s belief was only an allie for the great, rather than the meek. 5. What actual event triggered the revolt? * I believe the event that actually triggered the revolt was the battle of Poitiers and Crecy. The peasants resented the noble’s failure to use them in the fight against the enemy and felt less fear of them as the knights lost prestige in the defeats. That is when all that anger from being demoted every time really built up and shot
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