Isolation in Into the Wild

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Into the Wild Isolation Into the wild, is an award winning motion picture, originally written by john Krakauer, and directed by Sean Penn. The movie is about a young man, Christopher Mcandless, it opens a door into his life which allows the viewers to explore his trials and tribulations with society, and his unstoppable urge to escape it. Christopher’s ideas about the modern age’s societal corruption and social structure fuelled his life’s desire to escape. This fact alone cannot shadow his love for nature and simplicity, which also contributes to his desire to escape from a societal structure based on material wealth and success. Christopher Mcandless, although driven to find true isolation, came to the self-realization at the end of his journey that loneliness was not the true solution to his problems, but that true happiness comes from the love of others. Before he came to this realization, Christopher’s motivations for happiness and isolation derived from his disconnection to his family, his hatred for society and the structure that forms it, and finally Christopher’s desire for a natural life. Christopher’s disconnection to his family was one of his motivations to search for total isolation. Chris had next to no relationship with any of his family members besides his sister, which evidently was not enough to keep him from leaving. He had no similar interests with them and their lifestyle was one that he didn’t like or want to be a part of. He wanted to be as far from the person they wanted him to be as possible, someone with a fancy education and flashy lifestyle. He also did not want to be dependent on his family members, wanting to be as independent as possible. In addition, Chris’s family unit is extremely unstable. He grew up with parents who constantly fought, resulting in him as an adult having no concept of what a necessity a family is. Chris felt
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