Is There Anything Worth Dying or Killing for?

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Is there anything worth dying or killing for? Only the dead can answer the question if there’s anything worth dying for or not, and the dead can’t talk so this is hard to answer. The words about noble deaths and honor are put into dead lips and buried into the ground. A man isn’t able to judge whether death is better than dishonor because he doesn’t know anything about what death is. A man only knows about living. If a person takes a bullet and dies for somebody that he really cares about, like his family, he probably thinks that he took the right decision and that it was worth dying for this important person. Many people, especially men who are in the army often says that he would die for his county and that he would be considered honorable. But like I said, he doesn’t know that until it is to late to change his opinion. From time to time I hear the saying ’‘You have to die in order to protect your life.’’ There is no sense in that what so ever. If you die to protect your life you aren’t alive anymore so how did you protect your life? Nobody says ’’I will spend all my money in order to save my money.’’ Those sayings pretty much have the same logics to me. If I were to guess, I would guess that every soldier that was fighting for his county and had a near death experience was praying and hoping that he would come out of this alive while he was lying there and dying. Joe Bonham was a soldier who almost lost his life fighting for his country. If he wasn’t unconscious when the bomb dropped and he lost his legs and almost died, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be thinking for himself, ’‘this is great, I fought for my country and died with honor.’’ Almost everybody wants to live and taking another persons life is to me the worst think anybody can do. There is not anything worth killing for, not democracy, not peace and certainly not when u have the intensions of
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