Iraq War Vs Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnams Ugly Twin? When you start to analyze the Vietnam and Iraq war similarities begin to emerge quickly. These two wars will both affect the world for generations to come. Vietnam is one of the most costly wars in history and the War in Iraq is climbing its way up the ladder. The parallels of these two devastating wars are begging to pile up, yet there are some key differences. I will go into detail on the similarities, the differences, and how the civilians viewed the war. Both of these wars resulted in the death of many innocent men and women, American soldiers, and forgiven military forces and they shall be remembered for honorably serving their nations. Both the Vietnam and Iraq war we started under false presidencies. In Iraq…show more content…
The most evident of these differences is scale. In the Vietnam War well over 500,000 troops were known to be deployed overseas. Compared to the 150,000 known troops deployed in Iraq. The number of deaths in the wars is drastically different. 58,000 Americans were killed and 158,000 Americans were wounded in the Vietnam War compared to the 4,000 dead and 25,000 wounded in Iraq. At one point in 1968 over 2,100 U.S casualties were reported per week in Vietnam. In Iraq no more than 490 casualties have been reported in one month’s time. The numbers do not lie. The scale of these two wars is completely different. In no way is that saying one war and or the services provided by those involved are more or less important than the other. The reason these Wars Started was also very different. The Vietnam War was started because the U.S was scared of the domino effect of communism. If one nation fell to communism many may follow. The war in Iraq was started for reasons like freeing Iraq, oil, and Saddam Hussein’s refusal to let search for nuclear weapons be executed. Another glaring difference in the wars is the way that they are fought. In Vietnam the U.S was up against nearly 250,000 well trained North Vietnamese Army soldiers and 100,000 highly organized Viet Cong. Opposed to in Iraq where it’s multiple small cells of unorganized terrorists who use car bombs and suicides

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