Into The World Billy Elliot

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Going into the world is something that we will all do at one stage or another in life. Especially as teenagers we are faced with new adventures and obstacles each day that shape us into who we are and the decisions we decide to make. Our likes and dislikes may not always be something that ourselves or others can come to terms with. In Billy Elliot, Billy is faced with exactly this issue. Good Morning brothers and sisters. Going into to the world is an evident subject explored within the film Billy Elliot. The story is about a young boy who finds his passion for ballet in a stereotypical world in the 80s. Billy Elliot is a person we can all relate too. His home life isn't the greatest - he has lost his mother and his father Jackie is an alcoholic and cannabis smoker. Billys older brother is in outrage all throughout the movie. These negative vibes that Billy is surrounded by within the home is something that doesn't stop Billy from wanting to be something more. Jackie and Tony work for the mines and are in protest as they have been left without a job. Throughout the movie we see their struggle as they battle with no money. Billys passion for Ballet is something that causes a huge dilemma to the men in the family. Jackie believe 'ballet is for poofs' .. 'lads do football' and refuses to waste money on something that seemed to ridiculous. But Billy contests this by continuing to go to secret ballet lessons with his teacher mrs wilkinson, skipping his boxing lessons. For one reason, because it made him feel good. Throughout the movie, numerous juxtapositions show the difference in personalities of Billy, Jackie, and Tony. Billy is portrayed as a calm, creative, aspiring, desirable soul. This is shown through his gentle and flowing moves as Billy dances and twirls. Jackie and Tony are then showed in juxtaposition to be rioting and protesting, throwing
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