Club News Rhetorical Questions

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A lot of parents in this modern decade are failing to responsibly teach their children good manner. In a newsletter called club news, outraged coach Sam argues with a frustrated and critical tone about toxic parents poisoning the club by not educating their children on basic sportsmanship. Sam establishes he’s audience by using hard evidence, He involves the audience in an emotionally and repetitive way by using 8 year old Emily as an example ‘She didn’t care that her team had lost. She didn’t care about her own performance. She didn’t care about the sledging by the other team. She cared desperately that her dad yelled at her for failing to shoot the goal’. This is a clear example of toxic parents poisoning the clubs and how bad sportsmanship can affect a careless 8 year old. Which positions…show more content…
Parents who are sports aggressive really need to get their act together, as their behaviours are seen outrageous to others and their seen as ‘arses’ which is demonstrated in the photo accompanying the newsletter. Sam really pushes that Parents are teaching their children very bad qualities, ‘isn’t good sportsmanship a model of life?’ maybe it isn’t to sports aggressive parents. It’s time for all parents to remember that children learn from you. Sam illustrates that best coaches and parents encourage their kids to play fair, to have fun and to concentrate on helping the team while at the same time polishing their own skills. Once again ‘what sort of parent are you’. The overall effect is that Sports aggressive parents are pushing good parents who have sportsmanship away from the game, who actually support the children through good and bad games. The writer is primarily seeking to encourage parents with rage to change their attitude or either leave the club and if they do want to rage then rage at the

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