Interwest Healthcare Corp.

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Module 1 Chapter 2 Case Interwest Healthcare Group Jennifer Rhoads Saint Leo University Module 1 Chapter 2 Case Interwest Healthcare Group The nonprofit Interwest Healthcare uses a management information system to track data pertaining to patient intake, treatment and release. Data contained in the management information system is used to compile data to analyze on treatment costs as well as to generate reports mandated by the federal government for providing funds to Interwest Healthcare. The chief financial officer, Vijay Singh, has convinced the chief executive officer, Cynthia Manzoni, that data entry errors by hospital administrators and staff members are a threat to validity of the management information system reports. Hospital employees believe that patient care requires employee attention and that while errors unfortunate, they are an inevitable side effect of hospital staff’s dedication to minimize the impact to patient care. Interwest Healthcare provides a good to the public. Brickley, Smith and Zimmerman (2009) define goods as “the things that people value” (p. 22). In the case of Interwest Healthcare CFO Singh and CEO Manzoni value the data contained in the management information system while the hospital administration and staff value patient services; the data or patient services are the utility which the individuals in each group are seeking. In order to offer solutions to correct the discrepancies between the two groups, the CFO and CEO and the hospital employees, a consultant would need to analyze several aspects of the situation and could utilize several types of analysis. An consultant could look at economic choice, marginal costs and benefits or the opportunity costs associated with each choice the individuals make. Neither the hospital employees or the CFO and CEO at Interwest Healthcare received a direct economic benefit from
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