Oops Is Not an Option - Case for Chapter 16

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Oops Is Not an Option – Case for Chapter 16 Background Statement Bill Salamander works as a consultant for a healthcare facility in the medical records department. As a vendor Bill’s company, must signed an agreement to abide by the hospital’s compliance and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Anna Anywaican, an injury attorney, and has recently recruited Bill to issue her private hospital documents to increase her clientele. When Bill is not able to provide all the information that Anna needs, he attempts to recruit Micah Makaliving in hopes that he will provide information regarding trauma injury patients that are admitted in the Emergency Room. Bill tells Micah for every patient Anna receives as a new client, he will pay him 50% of what he makes. He also gives Micah options; he could hand out private hospitals documents or he could just provide the patients with Anna’s business card. Major Problems/Secondary Problems The major issue is that employees and vendors who work in the hospital are distributing patient’s medical records. All hospitals and/or health care facilities have very strict policies and guidelines that are set in place for employees and vendors to comply by. When guidelines are not followed, due to employees abusing their privileges, it places the hospital at risk. Another issue here is that the HIPPA laws is being violated, which was specifically placed to protect patient’s private information. HIPPA was established in 1996 to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the privacy and security of health care information, as well as help the healthcare industry control administrative costs (“HIPPA,” 2013). Failure to comply with HIPPA accordingly will lead to civil and civic penalties. If someone knowingly and deliberately distributes or obtains patient information, they could face a fine
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