Interview Doctoral Researchers

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Interview Doctoral Researchers Argosy University The purpose of this assignment is to interview two doctoral researchers and be able to craft a comprehensive interview questionnaire that includes questions that elicit a comprehensive description. After conducting the interview, the author will provide an analysis of the interviews and a comparison of their experiences and communicate these findings in a formal three to four page paper. The author will structure the paper as follows: Why did one decide to pursue a dissertation? What most assisted the interviewees in completing their dissertation? What challenges did the interviewees face? And lastly, the author will look at the following: What specific recommendations the interviewees have for successful completion of a dissertation. Using the three themes above, the author will also explore subheadings to the interview question themes. Two doctoral researchers, Dr. Allen and Dr. Lacy are the interviewees. Their dissertations were in the field of education, library media science and student international studies, respectively. The following is an analysis and comparison of their responses to the interview questions. As the author, the interview questions are designed based on personal interests. At a crossroads in this process, due much to this class and lack of time and personal issues, one first asks the interviewees the question – WHY? Why did one decide to pursue a dissertation? In analyzing the responses, the reasons are multifaceted. Whether it be for advancement, money, completion of an educational goal, or personal gratification, the interviewees both stated that they pursued a doctorate to gain something. However, the accomplishment that it is, both agreed that the process was difficult but do not regret investing their time and money. Sensing a bit of discouragement from the
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