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Trey Bennett ENG111 Cause and Effect Paper How Has the Internet Changed College Student’s Education? Has anyone ever wondered what life today would be like with out the internet? In today’s society the internet has changed the way college students receive an education. So many people would be lost if we did not have the internet. The internet is automatically “adapted” into our daily lives. People use the internet without even thinking about it. It is part of our world and has changed the way we live our lives. Many students take online classes in college. Online classes are classes in which students do not have to travel to a college campus. They may take their class on the computer and have the opportunity to finish their work wherever they are. As a college student, Britney has found that taking an online class does require self discipline but, it is better for those who are parents or for those who have to work full time. At anytime of the day or night, a student may do their work whether it is four a.m. or eleven o’clock in the afternoon. At anytime if a student has a question, they can e-mail their teacher or other classmates. Discussion boards are a big part of online classes. A discussion board allows students to help each other and ask questions about their assignments. Students are always online so it usually does not take that long to get e response back. College students can also save their work on a computer for their online class and come back to it whenever, as long as they finish it on time. Whereas college students who have to travel to a college to take their class do not have the chance to save their work wherever and come back to it at later time. The instructors set deadlines for all assignments and as long as the work is done by the due date, it does not matter when or what time the work is completed. Craven Early

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