Internet Addiction Essay

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INTERNET ADDICTION Among Youth ------------------------------------------------- (LITERATURE REVIEW) Introduction: Internet has been the buzzword for the people around the world in the last decade. Very few people will disagree about the fact that everyone likes to do most of their activities in the most easiest and flexible way possible. Ease and Flexibility is what Internet has provided to the mankind irrespective of profession or leisure based activity. Today internet is widely used by the business world for conducting their daily chores and by individuals to interact, learn and relax. Almost everything can be done online even if it is not in its true physical sense. The multifaceted benefits of internet are so compelling that even governments are taking the initiative to include it in their national policymaking. There is absolutely no doubt that Internet does provide a lot of convenience to the society but is that all? No, there is the darker side as well and its implications on the individual and the society as a whole. Internet Addiction: The internet has become a crucial enabler in the lives of many people throughout the world, such that some people even believe they cannot do without it. “Internet addiction may be said to arise from excessive use of internet that may lead to compulsive behavior by the internet user, or what is called pathological internet use” When the government starts actively promoting the use of internet nationwide, people ranging from every age group are bound to venture into the cyberspace. Many users utilize the perils of internet and use it for the right purpose only but others fall prey to the dark side of internet. These people who are lured into the dark work internet are usually categorized as Internet addicts. Addiction may be considered as the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with

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