Interim Analysis Report: Campaign Finance

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Interim Analysis Report CAMPAIGN FINANCE At a time when much of the world is emulating American values and institutions, too many Americans have lost confidence in their political system. They are turned off by a partisan debate that often seems to revolve not around opposing philosophies but around contending sets of interest groups. They believe that our current system for financing campaigns gives disproportionate power to wealthy individuals and groups and exerts too much influence over legislative and regulatory outcomes. Americans on both side of the aisle agree that the country faces pressing problems, from climate change, to health care reform, to the national debt. But none of this issue can be resolved, until we address the problems with the current political system itself. It is clear that recent court decisions around campaign finance have fundamentally altered the shape of American politics. These ruling have expanded the power of corporations and allowed a flood of special interest money into the political process. They have increased the need for fundraising and spurred the onslaught of attack ads from outside groups financed by undisclosed, unregulated donations. They helped make the 2010 elections one of the most expensive on record and look likely to make the 2012 elections even pricier. The long-term solution is to…show more content…
The Fair Elections Now Act (H.R.1826), which would create a voluntary public campaign financing option for al congressional candidates who would proved wide, community support, was given a favorable report by a committee last year, but experts do not expect it to move much

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