Influence of Culture on Romantic Relationships

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Discuss the influence of culture on romantic relationships Across the world culture is found to play a large part in romantic relationships, but it varies both across and between cultures. In western cultures such as the U.K, USA, and Europe , we are given free will over who we form our relationships with, whereas in non western collectivist cultures such as Asia, India and Africa a majority of relationships are pre-determined by arranged marriages where the parents select the best partner. According to research this is due to the parents thinking their child will choose their partner based on attractiveness and not success. So the parents choose the most successful partner knowing their children and grandchildren will be well looked after. In western cultures divorce is more common and it’s acceptable for people to get married multiple times. However in non-western cultures divorce is frowned upon and is therefore much less common, which makes it appear that arranged marriages are better for long term relationships. A research study which involved using a questionnaire on people from different cultures to determine whether they felt happy in their relationship or not was performed. Using questionnaires is a cheap and easy way of gathering information for lots of people, however as western questionnaires were used we cannot be sure if the results for the non-western cultures are due to how those people actually felt or if its due to how the question can be answered as its culture bias. Also the participants could show social desirability if they are aware of what the investigators are looking for. A study performed in china on women who married for love found that they felt more satisfaction in their marriage, then those in arranged marriages. The research studies largely suffer from gender bias as most research is aimed at woman and therefore the results cannot be
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