Ambiguity In Knowledge

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One can gain knowledge by reviewing and reflecting on information one possesses. You cannot have knowledge without information; and once knowledge is obtained, understandings about that area are formed through new ideas. Ambiguity also plays a part in knowledge acquisition and understanding as information can be understood in many possible ways. Given access to the same facts, how is it possible that there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline? Many people might think with the same fact comes a certain fixed conclusion among experts, but surprisingly, there is often not one answer to questions regarding knowledge. A claim that this question could possibly make about knowledge could include that knowledge is subject to interpretation…show more content…
This originally all comes from biased perspectives. In communities where women are generally not considered viable wage earners, families often view daughters as an economic burden. Therefore, in the case of impoverished parents, they may decide to betroth a daughter early to ease the financial load of caring for a child. A bias could lead one to accept or deny the truth of a claim, not on the basis of the strength of the arguments in support of the claim, but through the extent of the claim's correspondence with one's own preconceived ideas. The confirmation bias here, has to do with the families that will engage their young daughters to marry older men to correspond to their ethical ideas that they behold. Does bias also play a role with faith? By including possible ways of knowing, faith could be a relatable aspect of the formation of a bias. The families of the young Zimbabwean girls are aware of the possible tragic circumstances but are influenced by their moral judgment which could be rather based on faith and their embedded cultural tradition. Knowing these facts, the families make a decision, whereas, some families make decisions after their finances. In many cases, the families of child brides are rewarded greatly, a sort of bride price. For this knowledge question, a counter argument could be that because experts of the same discipline share the same knowledge, it would make it hard for them to disagree. Logic would have to play an important role in this argument. It takes the same studies to be in the same discipline therefore it would be logical for the experts to reach similar

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