Induction vs Mentoring Programs

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Induction vs. Mentoring Programs LaShaun Cummings AED/201 August 23, 2013 Teaching can be a very difficult career to begin. The thought of being responsible for the young minds that are going to cross paths with your wisdom and knowledge and be directly affected by it can be a very hard thing to accept. When becoming an educator you have to keep in mind that each and every person that enters into your classroom will build their lives off of what comes out of your mouth. On top of that, you yourself have to be able to keep up with the changing times and “knock downs” of the field. These things are only the tips of the ice berg of reasons some people don’t continue in the field of teaching. For some, they seek help. Help comes in the form of induction programs and mentoring programs. An induction program is a program designed by “seasoned” teachers who help you with you your transition into becoming a teacher. They build workshops to break down the ins and outs of the career path you are choosing to be a part of. They provide first year teachers with crucial information to help them meet state and district standards. An induction program is receiving help from multiple people who are, or were, in your shoes. A mentoring program is a little different. With a mentor you are only working with one person at a time. A mentor will help you with things that you may be struggling with your first year as a teacher. A mentor will give you advice and strategies to make classroom time easier to move through. Paraprofessional teachers also have jobs to do in induction and mentoring programs. Their job is to assist teachers and mentors in all that they need help with. This may sound like a little job to some but you have to look at it, as my grandmother would say, “through rose colored glasses”. A paraprofessional is to a teacher as a nurse is to a doctor. The
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