Violence Among Children Essay

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Increased Violence among Children There once was an era when the television had to end at certain time at night. The radio censored any kind of words that were not appropriate. Only particular channels would show the intensity of a crime scene. Everything that went on in family households, the media, schools, radios and so-on was treated with the notion children could be listening. What happen to those days? We are living in a world where children are no longer allowed to be child. Unfortunately, it seems as though their innocents are limited due to the widespread of violence and what they are being exposed to. This is a very troubling issue but yet it so true. It is believed that there is some form of violence in every tread of the United States. In some instances the major cause of violence is attributed to family, the media, and society. For starts, one major cause is family violence this has such a negative impact on children sometimes they are the victims in their own homes. Not from physical hits and slaps but being able to see and hear violence. Many people often speak of this generation that has no respect.…show more content…
As a result some children do not have the ability to distinguish the impact that violence will have on their mental being. Moreover, protective factors should be in place to keep children from being too overly exposed. It is only relative to conclude that being exposed to violence whether it is direct or indirect eventually will have a serious chain of reaction. This could include a multitude of behaviors that will have a lifelong effect on any child to be more specific, their values, conduct, academic performance, and attitude, their self-esteem including their future and being un-prepared for
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