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Failing the Next Generation Karla Osborn CJA 324 April 2, 2012 Rhonda Smith Failing the Next Generation The video viewed was titled “Child Exposure to Domestic Violence.” What children are exposed to when growing up in this type of environment is much more than any adult could ever imagine. The video touched bases on it. However, until one lives that life one could never ever full understand it. This video was more of a personal crime. It hit on the victims who do not know how to handle the stress that comes with this life. However, not only is the stress there whereas the child is watching the mother and father fight. The homes of…show more content…
One can hear this man tell officers “but, she called me over” the officers remind him “but you have a protective order against you.” The whole time this is taking place the guy’s three-year-old son is watching. Then you hear the police officer talking to the female “you have got to be getting tired of this, there taking him to jail” and the mother says “I know but I love him.” This poor child looks like he is so confused. This selfish woman is only thinking of her needs. There is also mention of her being drunk in this video. This is another key element in domestic violence. It is said that violent people who have a drug or alcohol addiction are more likely to batter their loved ones. Alcohol and drug abusers already have issues they are not dealing with. These issues they can usually keep pushed down in themselves; this until the abuser is influenced and lets loose. The drug or alcohol gives them the courage to say what they have been holding back. The type of theory one could link domestic violence to be the power-control theory. The power-control theory reveals belief that the spreading of crime and delinquency within the humanity is to certain amount created upon the magnitudes that influenced connections within the civilization hold for domestic settings and the everyday relationships

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