Increase In Vulnerable Populations

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Critical Thinking Chapter 11 In today’s society with the economic down turn and steadily rising unemployment rate, there is an increase in the vulnerable populations. A vulnerable population is defined as a smaller group of people in the population that are more likely to develop health problems due to exposure to risks, or may have poorer outcomes from health issues than the rest of the public (Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2012). Population tends to include the poor, very old, very young, prisoners, HIV patients, and uninsured patients. I this paper I will discuss the day in the life of a homeless person, welfare reform, migrant workers, compile a list or resource for pregnant teens in my area, and will identify the resources that…show more content…
This system was developed to help the poor. Everyone in welfare are a part of the vulnerable population because these individuals and families are living below the poverty line. People that are eligible for welfare are the working poor, unemployed, disabled, US citizen, and elderly are eligible for welfare. One must go to the local Department of Human Services to apply, and show proof of financial need. The services that are available include food stamps, housing vouchers, medical insurance, education assistance, and child care. An application is filled out, and a case worker is assigned to help the client with assistance eligibility. I do not believe in reforming the welfare system. The people who would suffer from welfare reform are not the people who are making the decisions but the people who rely the resources. The very old and very young will be the ones to suffer. The children who otherwise would not receive medical care without the state and federally funded health insurance, because if the parents are working they may not have ability to pay for health insurance. This group would be the ones who would starve without the food assistance programs. The current legislative proposals dealing with welfare reform include many states looking to implement mandatory drug testing tor recipients. Reforming the welfare system will save the…show more content…
There are social services in place to help those who cannot help themselves, this is what separates the industrialized countries from the third world countries. In looking at the needs of vulnerable by living a day in the life of a homeless person, studying welfare reform, migrant workers, compiling a list or resources for pregnant teens in my area, and identifying resources that for patients with abuse throughout the life cycle. These things identify how communities take care of vulnerable population. References 1. Mark Pryor senator for Arkansas. (2012). Retrieved April 10, 2013, from 2. Migrant and seasonal farm workers. (2012). Retrieved April 10, 2013, from 3. Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2012). Public health nursing: Population-centered healthcare in the community. Maryland Heights, MO. Elsevier. 4. US welfare information. (2013). Retrieved April 10, 2013, from

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