Importance of Air Peservation

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Air is everywhere and is all around us. We breathe it and we need it, so it is important that we take great care of it. Air quality and the environment are currently being threatened by pollution. Through my research, I learned that many of the things I use and do daily are contributing to the pollution of the air around me. The cars that my family members drive emit tons of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere because the cars are not hybrids. The goods and service I use, such as the gas and fuels burned to provide my house with heat and electricity, contribute to more than half of the toxic chemicals damaging the air and the atmosphere. I also learned that air pollution is negatively affecting plant and animal life. Most people attribute the reasons from plant and animal endangerment to destruction of their environments, but what these people fail to realize is that the environments are being destroyed largely in part to air pollution. Through this project, I have become more aware of the current dangers affecting the air of the Earth. Air pollution is the addition of harmful substances to the atmosphere which has resulted in damages done to the environment, human health, and the quality of life. It is a major problem not only locally, but also globally. Air pollution occurs inside homes, schools, offices, cities, and across continents. After researching for the project, I started to think of ways that I could reduce my carbon footprint and help prevent further harm to the earth’s atmosphere. I have encouraged my family members to buy products labeled with Environmentally Friendly and/or Conscious labels. I always knew these products existed, but I never thought that buying them would make a difference to the environment. After reading where the largest source of air pollution comes from, I realize now that any little act can help. Pope John Paul II has said “We
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