Impact of Two Crime and Disorder Legislations

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Analyse the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation. For police officers who are already familiar with crime and disorder legislation, they need to be reminded of the impact they may have on people, communities and the public services. Choose two pieces of crime and disorder legislation you have already discussed and analyse the impact they may have on individuals (including offenders, victims and witnesses), communities and the relevant public services. The Theft Act This is taking the property of another without the intension to give it back; this can have an impact on the victim as they’re without their property whatever it may be (car, phone, wallet, game) or any other property. The person then becomes deprived and feels insecure in case of any other incidents that may occur and they find themselves to be in the same situation, there’s many different types of theft such as robbery, theft, burglary, aggravated burglary. The theft Act is dishonestly taking a belonging from one person and treating it as there own to sell to a third person or do whatever they please with It, theft has a great overall impact on society and communities shoplifters for an example are dishonestly taking produce and products this has an impact on the business owners and citizens could have to do without certain items. Another type of theft could be metal theft this could be taking led or certain metal from public buildings such as churches which can cause a health and safety risk and be costly to replace. This impacts the whole community if places of worship are targeted. There's a major concern for Network Rail and the British Transport Police as it can also take time to amend also causing disruption to services, the impact that has on citizens is that they may

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