Impact of the Hyksos

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Egypt was impacted greatly by the Hyksos, marginally in the long term compared to the short term. Arguably their contributions were predominantly positive and the repercussions of their expulsion set up Egypt to become the military superpower it was once known as. Problematically evidence in this period is indistinct due to most of the written sources coming from Egypt itself, therefore the level of biased must be considered when analyzing the sources we have been able to ascertain. One of the greatest short-term contributions that were appropriated from the Hyksos was the evolution in Egypt’s military weapons and technology. Formerly Egyptians weaponry consisted of mainly primitive impact weapons as well as throwing sticks, shields and axes. There were 3 main evolutions on technology that impacted highly on the Egyptian military. The first being the horse drawn chariot which was light and wooden with a pair of wheel attached at an axe, an inscription on a Egyptian soldiers tomb recounts the implication of this technology in war: “I followed the king on foot when he rode abroad his chariot”. This is also depicted in ‘Thutmose IV in battle with the Syrians’ (From his chariot in the Cairo Museum). Furthermore the composite bow was another pertinent contribution to Egyptian weaponry as this combined with the chariot were the main weapons attributed to military success in this period. Even though these contributions were classed as short term, the basic designs and ideas behind their designs would of contributed to the long-term evolution of the military technology as well as the new metals introduced such as bronze. The significance of the Hyksos’ reign more significantly impacted Egypt in the long term, principally with the psychological aftermath they prompted. The shock of their invasion into Egypt resonated for hundreds of years and majorly influenced all of
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