The Roman Army: the Most Powerful in History

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The Roman Army: The Most Powerful in History 5/1/2012 Davis 1 The rule of the Republic of Rome, as well as, the Empire of Rome lasted for over a thousand years and contained territories that stretched for the western Atlantic to the Mesopotamian area in the East. This also went as far south as the Sahara and as far North as the Rhine River. The main factor that was responsible for these feats was the military of Rome. In addition to continuously succeeding in their campaigns of expansion, the Roman Military, time and time again, was successful in the defense of Roman borders against invaders for hundreds of years. In regards to almost every failure and success incurred by the state of Rome, the deciding factor was almost always the military at the core. To put it short, it was the use of effective and successful doctrines and strategies that made the victories of Roman militaries as pervasive as they were. It is argued by many that the success of the Roman Empire, considered by many to be the greatest empire in history, was due to its military power. This paper will trace the history of the Roman Military from the early periods of Rome to its many reformation with later emphasized the tactics used by the famous Legions of Rome. Beginnings Davis 2 Under the Etruscan Ruler Tarquin, in mid-700 B.C., the Roman army was formed. This fighting force were the first to make effective use of the Phalanx military formation, however only Etruscans were part of this formation and Roman were relegated to small skirmishes in the defense of the flanks. This would all change when Servius Tullius began his reign as the King of the Etruscans in the mid 600’s. One of his first and most unique acts was to reorganize the military based on wealth as opposed to race. Because of this, now only large land owners were able to join the military. Out of the classes of soldiers

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