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Impact Of Media Essay

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Below is an essay on "Impact Of Media" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The media has a great impact on society.   It helps people understand what is really going on around them, but sometimes it misinterprets what is really happening and spreads around the wrong idea.   Media spreads messages in multiple ways, and has changed its way of communication throughout history.   In early societies people spread messages orally through poets, teachers, and tribal storytellers.   Soon enough people were able to write out what they felt and spread their messages.   The first technological development created to spread information was the printer, which brought many benefits to the world.   Due to its mass production, it spread news quickly, and reduced the cost of books and other printed materials.   More advanced methods to spread messages came around later during the electronic era.   The telegraph, a significant development during the electronic era, made it substantially easy to spread a message in a matter of seconds.   The telegraph led to many other technological advances such as the radio, fax machine, and the cell phone.   A superior achievement was the television because of its ability to spread news instantly to a wide audience.   These new inventions directed to the digital era.   The World Wide Web was a key factor to media during this time.   The perspectives of different people affected what one might have thought of a situation.   People went on the internet and instead of developing their own thoughts and opinions; they followed whatever they saw and what was accepted in the social world.   All of these inventions help the media to spread around their messages, and viewpoints.   The media spreads ideas and information based on many things; culture, fashion, arts, politics, music, and race, all factor into media coverage.   The media shapes the audiences thoughts of a particular idea.   There are both positives and negatives of the power of media.   It is great for spreading news and to advertise products, but it negatively affects people by take...

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