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Media Influences on American Culture Anna-Marie Otero HUM/186 October 08, 2013 Abstract There are many mass medias that allow us to view information. Today, different types of media have been developing over the last century. We still have access to many traditional media, but with advance technology we could view information and stories quickly with easy access at no cost. With the development of emerging media anyone can display his or her stories online through electronic journals and blogs. Also technology has made media convergence a convenience, in most cases, to access anything through the Internet. Newspapers are displayed online, video broadcasting can be seen online, purchasing books can be done online and sent to our home and even sending messages to anyone through emails and texts has been made faster and convenient. Media Influences on American Culture Mass media has been our way of communicating information to large audiences for centuries. To this day, American culture has received information through traditional and modern forms of mass media. As humans, we have come a long ways from drawing images on walls to printed newspapers and from radio television to electronic devices. Over the years, new mass media has developed as a more efficient way to publish information. There are many types of media used to distribute stories, news and other information. In the 2000s with the changes of mass media, the seven mass media became popularly known which includes the seven medias: print, recordings, cinema, radio, television, internet and mobile phones. We have even adapted to media convergence which allows us to send messages through emails, texts and video chats, a faster way to communicate then mailing letters. Developments of mass media For thousands of year, we have used many different types of mass media. Even to this day,

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