How Technology Changed Dating Patterns

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“How Technology Has Changed Dating Patterns” Technology has changed the normal operations of the world. Due to technology individuals are able to communicate from continent to continent. Close interpersonal relationships are able to be formed and maintained through the use of the internet. In former technological advancements connections were made due to the use of email, which allowed individuals to connect quickly to one another. Next was the use of instant messaging. Instant messaging allow people to connect to one another in real time. Instant messaging can be used from vague to intense correspondence between parties over the internet and all around the world. In addition to the email and instant messaging forms, there is now the use of video messaging. Video messaging allows you to leave a personal message for someone depending on the site used on the internet and also allows for you to speak with that person or person’s real time. The use of the internet’s tools allow individuals to have more control, freedom, and comfort in their interpersonal relationships. These tools have also found their way into the modern workplace. Some people find it much easier to express themselves using these forms of communications. The advancement of communication technology is responsible for people making connections with others around the globe that they may have never met without the use of the internet and its tools. In essence, the rapid advancement of technology has changed the ways in which humans communicate with one another altogether. In looking at technology and its impact on dating and relationships. It has considerably increased the dating pool. People seeking relationships have more access to other singles than what would be considered the norm for customs of the past. In the past if one were single and looking for a partner it would entail them coming in
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