Immigration Policy

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What government policies should be implemented to address the large number of undocumented immigrants? Many of the values and norms that unite Americans as a nation are tied to immigration. Immigration did not only create a vision for the United State but it construct a new religion, a new state, a new race and a new literature as well. Debates in recent years has expanded to a broad range of national and foreign policy issues featuring arguments on U.S. relations with national security, human rights, the refugee crisis and international trade. In addition, policies regarding the positive and negative impact that undocumented immigrants have on healthcare, social structure, the economy, education, ethnic relations, the environment and other…show more content…
The overall objective of implementing an immigration policy is designed to serve our country’s economic needs. Maintaining our economy’s competitive edge is essential to the well-being of all American citizens. As the strongest economic power on earth and the most sought destination of the world’s poor, the burden of international leadership on this issue rests with the United States. By developing well-crafted programs such as free trade policy and foreign aid benefits, the U.S will gives incentives to individuals in poor countries the tools necessary to improve their lives and the lives of future generations. In addition, through free trade policy agenda, immigrants can help puts our country in touch with the tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide and gives American companies an edge in opening global markets. After all, most undocumented immigrants are likely to have ties to their native countries thus, opening up new export markets for American products and services. As the forces of globalization reshape the global economy immigrants can open up a range of foreign markets that would not otherwise exit thus, boosting U.S competitiveness around the…show more content…
embassies in their home countries rather than here in the United State. Limiting the total amount of visas granted to all political asylum to 20,000 annually. Currently that “number is unlimited” but only “10,000 will be rewarded permanent residency,” this is according to data from United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Additionally, If and when visas are granted to political asylums in their home countries, adults should be granted a 5years conditional work permit that allowed them to work only in the services industries such as hospitality, agriculture and construction. These sectors have tendency of facing labor shortages and those immigrants could fill the employment gap in those industries. In addition, allowing them to paid a onetime fee of $2,000 for the right to work or a 20 percent income tax whatever is higher. Likewise, applying enforcement and penalties that would limit access to education, health care, and other social services except in cases of emergency; a waiting period of 10 years to obtain permanent residency instead of one year, and paying all fees attributed to their visas stayed and administrative costs should be seen as an unaccommodating and deterrent strategies for who are currently hear and those who want to come. Likewise, reducing the number of unskilled temporarily foreign workers who normally worked

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