Rhetorical Analysis (Immigration)

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America Should Welcome Immigration (1845) To third-world countries and other nations ran by dictatorship form of government, America is known to be a country built on liberty and justice. Many immigrants have come to America in search for new opportunities and a life of more quality. Over the years, the U.S. government placed several restrictions and bans on immigration. Will the American government and citizens continue to be prejudice towards immigrants or will they learn to accept foreigners and the benefits that come along with the being in America? The author of this essay, Dr. Thomas L. Nichols, effectively asserts that “The right of a man to emigrate from one country to another, is one which belongs to him by his own constitution and by every principle of justice” (18). This essay will discuss why immigrants should be welcome in America and how they will benefit the country. Thomas L. Nichols believes “The right to live, then, supposes the right of emigration…” (18). He elaborates this statement by re-enforcing the fact that America is a land built on immigration. The first settlers on this land were foreigners who came to improve their condition and escape oppression just as the immigrants of these days and times are also making an effort to do. Nichols states that “by abundant observation man … is improved and brought to its highest perfection by an intermingling of blood and qualities of various races. “ (20). America is predominating to other countries because of the various ethnicities that make up her population. Since America was founded by immigrants, which proves that it should be equally diverse land. The U.S. economy has been benefited by immigrants and the skills they bring from their native countries. Nichols states “There are very few [immigrants] who arrive on our shores without
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