Immaculee Ilibagiza Abortion Clinic Analysis

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To many Authentic Christian living can be defined as loving ourselves and others around us. Two comparing stories help us realize that living the Authentic Christian way is not very difficult as we think it might be. Through the journeys we go through with these stories, we see that even though many people go through terrible times they still have the power to believe, trust, and love God. The PBS Frontline program “Abortion Clinic,” was a documentary that allowed us to see young pregnant women tell their story and there opinions on how they viewed abortion. The other story that helps us to illuminate the challenges to authentic Christian living is Immaculee Ilibagiza’s novel. Immaculee Ilibagiza was a young woman in Rwanda who survived the…show more content…
Each girl that was interviewed was pregnant, and every one of those girls had different opinions as to how they responded to the act and or thought of abortion. Barbara was one of the girls that were being interviewed in this documentary. In the documentary, she was a 17 year old mother with a 2 year old son. The father of her child was a violent man, which eventually led to them breaking up. When Barbara found out she was pregnant another time, she felt an abortion would be the best decision because she had little money to support her and her son already, and her mom said that she would not help her daughter with to have another baby. Barbara went through with the abortion, and even though she was set on the idea we could see that she was going through both physical and emotional pain both during and after the procedure. The story of Imaculee was also another insightful story. In this novel we learn that Imaculee was a young girl when the genocide in Rwanda broke out. The Hutu people were killing the Tutsis just because they were Tutsi. In the story Imaculee along with seven other women were hiding in a closet to save their lives. Resources were at a minimum, conditions were harsh, and hope of coming out alive was lost, but Immaculee never gave up on God. In the end, Immaculee did get saved and became a survivor of the terrible…show more content…
This idea is known as postmodernism; because of this, assumptions and explanations are usually made in order for us to understand the world in our own particular way. Barbara and Immaculee both go through postmodernism because the decisions that were made throughout the troubling journey were impacted by personal experiences. Barbara chose abortions because she dealt with going hungry and an abusive boyfriend. She felt bringing a baby to that kind of environment was not fair so abortion seemed like the best option on the list. Immaculee had the choice of giving up and letting go, but she did not. Since her early childhood years she was raised to believe in God, and that is what she did. She was aware that if she did survive the holocaust there would be so many things to live for, so she very strong in her

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