Why Is Abortion Controversial

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The Controversy of Abortion For years abortion has been an extremely controversial issue that has lead to bomb Threats and deaths. Pro-life activists strongly feel that abortion is murder and, by no means, A choice for pregnant women. Although abortion may seem like murder to many pro-life Activists, it is a mother’s right to choose and essentially a solution to future problems. Abortion is such a biased and difficult topic because it deals with a human life. Scientists have said that a fetus may not be considered a human life and, therefore, it is all Right to abort the unborn entity. Pro-life activists feel that people have taken it upon Themselves to handle matters that are not people’s place to deal with. Many feel that…show more content…
If there are financial situations that occur that will make it difficult for a woman to care for a baby properly, she should have the choice to abort the baby. Pro-choice activists argue that if a woman knows she will not be able to go through a childhood of inadequacy and pain. Not only would the woman be ruining the life of the baby but also he own. It is not very easy for a person to say whether they are pro-life or pro-choice until they are faced with the decision to abort or not themselves. A serious problem that should be addressed is women using abortion as a method of birth control; sometimes women go to clinics 2-3 times a month to have abortions. That is something that is not healthy for a woman physically or emotionally. Abortion is an experience many women like to block out because most women didn’t want to do it but felt it was necessary. Abortion should not be used as a means of birth control but as a means of finding a solution to future problems. Abortion should only be done in matters where women feel it may be most necessary like in the examples that were stated above. People should not pass judgment on others because abortion was probably a decision that pregnant women came to after careful thinking. Many people say that they are pro-life but the second that they are placed in a harsh situation where abortion is an option the minds

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