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1. Description 1.1 Name(s) of society, language, and language family: State:Kogi, Language: Igala, Family: Yoruboid branch of Volta - Niger 1.2 ISO code (3 letter code from ethnologue.com): IGL 1.3 Location (latitude/longitude): between latitude 6 30’ and 7 40’ east 1.4 Brief history: The main origin of Igala country isn’t 100%; however, there are historians that believe the Igala derived from the Yoruba, Benin, or Jukun. All of these groups are tightly woven together and have many common traditions and lin eage. Igala eventually won their freedom over the Jukun to become an individual kingdom. (The story very much resembles our own). Yoruba and Igala people are so close that they also marry into others tribes, and share common royalty. 1.5 Influence of missionaries/schools/governments/powerful neighbors: As of 2008 there are 2,034 schools in the state of Kogi. The government consists of a Monarchy like setup with 1 king. Powerful neighbors include Yoruba, Nupe, Benin, and Jukun. 1.6 Ecology (natural environment): The region contains vegetation between the southern forests and the northern dry Savannah. The rivers Okura, Ofu, Anambra, Onukpo and Amara Rivers provide great fertilization to the land giving it a swamp like tenure. This region experiences on average of 50 inches of rainfall annually. 1.7 Population size, mean village size, home range size, density: Igala country covers about 12,740 square kilometers and averages a density of about 4 persons per kilometer. Most of the Igala people live in the Benue state. Population is divided rather evenly around Idah on the Niger and Ankpa in the Northeasy. 2. Economy 2.1 Main carbohydrate staple(s): crops such as yams, oil palms, cocoyam, maize, pumpkins, cassava, millet, guineacorn, bennised, and beans 2.2 Main protein-lipid sources: Elephant, Antelope, Fish, Bison 2.3 Weapons: Bow and arrow, blowguns?: Hunters used

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