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Chad There is a country located in the central part of Africa and that country is Chad. Chad is a large country with an area of 1.284 million square kilometers. That is a little over three times the size of California. The climate in Chad is tropical in the south and more of a desert in the north. There is 300 square kilometers of irrigated land and Chad is also a significant source of water in the Sahel. The population in Chad is 10,543,464 people with many different types of ethnic groups. Sara, Arab, and Mayo-Kebbi are the three largest groups in the country. The official languages in Chad are French and Arabic with Sara being an official language in the south. There are more than 120 different languages and dialects and the nationality is Chadian. Chad was a country that was owned by the Muslim states before the Berlin Conference (French). Later on however, Chad was owned by a different country that was located in Europe. The country that gained power of Chad was France. France wanted to get more wealth and land so they decided that they wanted to gain land in Africa. In 1920, Chad became a separate country which led to in World War II, Chad was one of the first territories that the French wanted to give loyalty…show more content…
The places where most of the people live in Chad are where the climate is extreme. The rain is can vary from drought to flooding and torrential rain which can ruin crops (Rural). The land near these conditions is capable of producing crops but the rain fall is either too little or too much. The climate in Chad is different every year as the weather is always changing. This makes it harder to produce foods and to make money which is the two big reasons for the poverty in Chad. Another reason for poverty is that some of the homes are run by women who cause them to do more jobs around the house and not to make money. Poverty is a big problem that Chad is suffering right now and hopefully gets

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