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Iago is such an important character that one could possibly mistake him as the protagonist. But since it is a shakespearean tragedy, Iago's role is marked as the antagonist. This essay will attempt to give an analysis on the character by discussing the theme of jelousy within Iago, his plans or can be called manipulative schemes, and his clerverness.

Iago is a very deceptive and manipulative character. One could also call him two faced like the Roman God Janus who was the god of gates and doors. He is basically the mastermind behind all the immoral and unfortunate events that have occured in the play, Othello. There are many examples of which Iago has played his '2 faced character' card. Almost every main character has encountered and been dealt with by him. Specifically, Othello has been one of the few people in the play who has been influenced tremendously by 'honest Iago's' lies and was indirectly killed by him. Iago has made Othello become so caught up in his lies and Iago tells Othello in the following lines:

In sleep I heard him say, 'Sweet Desdemona, Let us be wary, let us hide our loves.' And then, sir, he would gripe and wring my hand Cry, 'O sweet creature!' and then kiss me hard, As if he pluck'd up kisses by the roots That grew upon my lips; then laid his leg Over my thigh, and sigh'd, and kiss'd, and then Cried, 'Cursed fate that gave thee to the Moor.'

(3.3. 420-427)

By doing this, Othello further believed into 'good' Iago's lies and as stated before, later on ends up killing himself indirectly due to Iago's malevolent schemes that are never thwarted. Another character that is also affected by Iago is the gullible Roderigo. He is very much used and milked to the point where at the end of the play is fed up and takes his own actions. Roderigo is very mad at being used as Iago's own 'purse' and smartens up beginning to suspect

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