Iago's persnonality Essay

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In Shakespeare’s play Othello, Iago who is possessed by jealousy and evil necessity of destruction, including his own, has two main objectives: to plot and to deceive. He hates Othello because he believes the Moor made love to his wife and also he is jealous that Cassio was chosen to be Lieutenant instead of himself. Iago is everything about evil. He manipulates to get whatever he wants. In addition, he also claims for being honesty, even though he acts against this reputation. However, at least once in the play he stands for honesty when he declares that he is not what he seems to be. “I am not what I am” (I, i, 67). By saying these words, Iago declares that he is not what he apparently seems to be. He is introducing himself to the audience right in the very first action in order to let it know that everything he is going to say or to do during the play can not be trust. Roderigo is the character to hear Iago’s words; however, he was not able to understand what the villain was saying about himself. Instead, he let to be fool and follow Iago’s evil instructions in order to obtain Desdemona’s love. Thus, the play shows that at least once Iago was saying the truth about his personality. He is not what people think he is and he will show that through his actions in the play. Now that he has made himself known, he should starts to persuade in order to achieve his goals. In many moments in the play, Iago shows his ability to persuade. In Roderigo’s case, Iago manipulates both his obtuseness, as well as his desperate love for Desdemona. By exploiting Roderigo’s stupid nature, Iago is able to obtain any monetary resources he wishes: “I say, put money in the purse. It cannot be long that Desdemona should continue her love to the Moor-put money in thy purse-nor he his to her” (I, iii, 331-333). Behind Iagos’ desire to manipulate and to avenge lies a deep issue called

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