Why Was Othello so Easily Deceived by Iago?

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Othello, a play about a brilliant man being dragged down by simple manipulation that causes him to be knocked off of his high horse. Othello was easily deceived by Iago because of Iago’s manipulation, Othello and Iago’s intertwined history, and Othello’s belief that Iago is an honest soul. Iago holds the trophy for best manipulator when he needs something of Othello in 3.3 when Iago is implanting the impression that Desdemona is having a secret affair with Cassio in Othello’s mind When he says “I speak not yet of proof. / Look to your wife, observe her well with Cassio. / Wear your eyes thus, not jealous nor secure.” Iago could have come out and said that Desdemona was acting tricky with Cassio but it would have lead for an ineffective persuasion where Othello laughed in Iago’s face and losing his footing that he worked oh-so-hard to create in Othello’s mind. Then in 2.3 Iago is given the chance to fully disclose what he think happened during the night after Cassio and Montano fought and “Honest Iago” has the chance to run off of his past honest work that allowed himself to be so close to Othello. “I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth / Than it should do offence to Michael Cassio. / Yet I persuade myself to speak the truth / Shall nothing wrong him.” From this quote we see that Iago is playing innocent trying to leave everyone feeling that Iago was being humble in his recount of the fight but is also giving himself room to talk through his whole story without seeming to hang Cassio out to dry, giving Othello an honest appearance of himself. Then to top everything off, Iago references a time of a war relationship that made Othello close to Iago in 1.1 after he felt betrayed by Othello when he promoted Cassio to lieutenant. “And I, of whom his eyes had seen the proof / At Rhodes, at Cyprus, and on other grounds / Christian and heathen…” Iago had history

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