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Death Metal I love metal music, but more a specifically, death metal music. Death is one of the many subgenres in metal. The reason its called death metal is not because all of it is about death. This is a common misconception. This type of metal is referred to as death metal because of the band from the 80s, “Death”, who were a pioneer of the genre. Death metal is considered extreme when compared to other genres of metal. While it’s hard to classify all the different types of death metal, I enjoy listening to all of them. First there is the simplest kind, Brutal Death metal. Brutal death is pretty much only about being as heavy as possible. Vocals are usually unintelligible and are more about how it sounds rather than about substance. The guitars are simple and droning. This genre is the stereotype to which people most commonly associate the word “metal with” .Most of the time there is no regard for melody. The sound is hard on the ear and, just like its name, brutal. On the opposite end of the spectrum is melodic death metal. Melodeath, as it’s referred to, is all about melody. Along with growled vocals, singing is often heard. Common lyrical topics of Melodeath are fantasy, science fiction, and deeds of heroism. Melodeath is kind of nerdy. This sort of thing is atypical of most metal. My favorite kind of metal is technical death. Bands that play this subgenre focus on precision, speed, and crazier than the next. This love of crazy music has greatly influenced the way I have learned guitar and what I have chosen to play. My lifestyle has been altered to accommodate my love of death metal. I have posters and memorabilia. CDs and band t-shirts litter my room. Heavy music has become a huge part of my life. A lot of people just can’t get into it. It’s not for the casual listening. Intensity isn’t always what people are looking for when they listen to music, but

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