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Kip Kinkel and The Thurston High Massacre By: Aidan Hunt In May of 1998, Springfield Oregon suffered from a horrific school shooting at a local high school called Thurston, a shooting that would go down in history for generations to come. The murderer was no other than 15-year-old Kip Kinkel. This young boy not only killed and injured a large amount of people, but he also killed his parents completely out of the blue, a story so disturbing it can bring chills down ones spine. Kip was enviably caught, and sentenced over 100 years in prison, but expert always ask the same questions; what can of sinister thoughts ran through his mind during his actions? Experts in the fields of Anthropology, psychology and Sociology are the people who dig deep into Kip’s life and put logical clues together to create a hypothesis to explain why exactly Kip Kinkel committed these acts of evil. Although only Kip himself knows why he did it, at least we can come closer to the truth thanks to our societies experts. Anthropologists are the experts who take a close peek into the culture and society during Kip’s childhood and life to see what could of drove Kip to committee his series of actions. The 90’s marked the birth of genres like Grunge and Death Metal, genres many people tend to hate for their references to death, drugs and angst. One of the most hated upon artists that Kip was a huge fan of was Marilyn Manson. Some Anthropologists believe that Marilyn’s dark music contributed to his attitude towards life. Many such as myself would disagree with this statement, but many anthropologists commonly believe it. Also, Kip seemed to be surrounded by violence. Kip also became very interested in Marshal arts such as self-defense. Since he was bullied in school, he figured that he should be prepared for someone to attack him. These programs taught him to fight, but at the same time,

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