I. B. Positive Effects On Canada's Banking System

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Canada has been affected by I.B. Positive -Increase employment -Acess to better technology - new products and services Negative -Loss of manufacting jobs -unsafe products -loss of culture and identity Competitive advantage – A product that a country or company is better at producing than its competitors. advantages including: technology, raw materials, marketing, management, quality, price, productivity, warranty or service. Canada with lumber and fish “hewers of wood and drawers of water” Banking Top 6 banks Canada’s banking system is designed to handle the ups and downs of the business cycle. To allow businesses and individuals to stay connected across this distance, excellent communication technology is a necessity. Foreign investment occurs when a company…show more content…
Toyota, Nissan and Honda produced safe, efficient, economical cars In 1975 the U.S. government in an attempt to legislate the North American cars maker into making better cars, passed a law that imposed emissions and fuel-efficiency stands on the auto industry. Chryler, Ford, GM imports into Canada – US, China, Mexico Subprime mortgage – a loan given to someone who has poor credit Someone who doesn’t payback the bank the bank can take the house back (foreclose). Collateral – an asset used the guarantee a loan. Forclosure – Legal process which the owners rights to a property is terminated(usually because they failed to pay back their mortgage) the bank usually takes back the asset. Canadian banks did not invest in subprime mortgages The green revolution New energy sources Canada is not a leader in the renewable erngergy field mainly because it is a major oil,gas and hydroelectric producer. feed-in tariff – Gauranteee that any company that produces renewable electricity has a guarantee distribution network and can price the electricity at high than normal prices. New car
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