Bus 105 Case Analysis 1

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Case Analysis #1 Shuai Yan Case Analysis #1[->0] 1, From my point of view, I consider GM as Prospectors. Compared to its peers, GM is “?aggressive”? in determining company’?s goal: “?General Motors Co. has set its sights on a once-unthinkable goal: making more than $10 billion a year”? while Ford is still planning to rely on five common platforms and Japanese motor company such as Toyota has just recovered from shortages caused by earthquake and tsunami. GM try to find a breach to become best-in-class. And they carry out their plan without waiting for a chance. 2, GM’?s vision is to make more than $10 billion a year and become best-in-class peers. From my point of view, GM’?s vision is reasonable and realistic to achieve. First of all, GM has shed nearly $40 billion in obligations to become debt-free. This gives GM a huge advantage competing with companies which did not bailout and is still paying off it borrowed to survive such as Ford. Second of all, GM is achieving a healthy margin. GM cut incentives and slim down. This movement causes a decline on sale but help company keep margin. In a word, GM is now preparing for a big blast in the future, and become the best in its peers. 3, The first goal is keep the high productions and take advantages of price. This goal is easy to achieve because GM is one of the world’?s largest auto maker. As a result, production and efficiency will not be a problem. Besides, GM has some really competitive models in its peers. Those models feature their lower prices, higher quality and good design. In this way GM can be competitive when its oriented customers making choices. The second goal is to held a price competition with its peers. GM has high production rates. And its peers are suffering debt of bailout. GM has a huge advantage of paying off its liability.
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