Hutterian Culture Essay

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Hutterian Culture General Purpose: To inform. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of Hutterian culture. Central Idea: Hutterian life is made up of three basic principles; religious beliefs, work ethics and their beliefs involving educational values. INTRODUCTION I. According to National Geographic (American Colony: Meet the Hutterites), “More than 40,000 Hutterites live in more than 480 colonies in the United States and Canada.” II. I recently became intrigued with the lives and traditions of Hutterites after watching a television series called “Meet the Hutterites”. III. This unique community may possibly interest you if you enjoy learning about other cultures. IV. Today, I will inform you of three basic principles that make up Hutterian society which are their beliefs, work ethics and their ideas concerning education. (Link: Let’s begin with Hutterian beliefs.) BODY I. Zack Gross (Gross), one of the founders of the web site Hutterite Heritage, states Hutterian beliefs consists of two basic principles; religious beliefs and colony lifestyle. A. The most important belief is in their religious convictions. 1. Hutterites are deeply rooted in traditional Christian beliefs. a. All life belongs under the lordship of Jesus Christ. b. After completing ten years of Bible Study, a young adult must ask for baptism after a confession of faith is made. 2. Hutterites are pacifist, meaning they do not believe in violence, which is a principle founded in the teachings of Jesus Christ. B. Believing in a community based lifestyle is another principle in which they live by. 1. Collectively, members own
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