Augustine As Mentor

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Mentor BOOK REVIEW: AUGUSTINE AS MENTOR BY: EDWARD L. SMITHER Liberty University History of Christianity I (CHHI 520) Dr. David Pederson June 20, 2011 BIBLIOGRAPHY ENTRY Smither, Edward L. Augustine as Mentor. Nashville: B & H Publishing Group, 2008. Author Information Ed Smither is currently functioning as an Associate Professor of Church History and Intercultural Studies at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He also served as an Assistant Professor for the Department of Humanities at the University of Tunis-el Manar form 2002-2006. He and his wife Shawn have three children: Brennan, Emma, and Eve. Content Summary Chapter 1: Mentoring in the First Century As the title of the chapter states, this first chapter gives us a look at mentors in the first century that are biblical examples. The writer points out that even though “making disciples” is only found a few times in the New Testament, mentorship or discipleship is ramped throughout the bible. The author explains that Jesus was not the only one that utilized and developed disciples. He says that John the Baptist had disciples and Paul had Barnabas. He continues to give us a few things that a disciple receives from the mentor: 1. A Disciples Belief 2. Jesus is the Christ 3. The Scriptures 4. Sound Teaching 5. A Disciples Conduct Chapter 2: The Mentoring Matrix Chapter two continues to talk about mentors but moves on to the third and fourth centuries, which will set the reader up for some background to Augustine and his mentorship. This is done y highlighting the lives of Cyprian, Pachomius, Basil and Ambrose. While all of these men were mentors and leaders, they all had different backgrounds and different views of how to make a difference in the lives of people around them. The author notes that written communication was
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