Explain How the Followers of Christianity Make Ethical Decisions' and ‘Morality and Religion Are Separate.

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AO1 Explain how the followers of Christianity make ethical decisions. What do Christians use to make ethical decisions? Different sects of Christianity use different methods to make their ethical decisions. These sources and methods vary in how intensely they are followed by the groups within the Christian Church. There are lots of different interpretations of which source of morality is the greatest for use within the contemporary world. There are also two main categories these sources fall into; intellectual or instinctual. The Bible “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, in order that the man of God may be fully qualified, equipped for every good work.” For orthodox Protestants (Jehovah’s witnesses) and Evangelical Christians they affirm the Bible, first and foremost, as the inspired narrative of God's loving plan of redemption for His creation. These sects of Christianity tend to believe that the Bible is the only method that should be used when making ethical decisions, with writer Carl F. H. Henry calling ‘biblical ethics’ ‘Christian ethics.’ There is a diversity of approaches in the Bible which Christians can use to make ethical decisions; the Old Testament which includes the Decalogue, many of which have been applied in practical law today (‘thou shalt not kill’); and the New Testament involving the teachings of Jesus and St. Paul and the Golden Rule (‘treat others how you’d like to be treated’). The Bible is the witness to the central events of the Christian faith. “It was never intended to be a short cut to the problems of Christian living, or an encyclopaedia of moral instruction, or a compendium of moral rules.” Some Christians, such as Liberal Protestants, (Church of England) believe that the Bible needs re-interpreting for a modern society, for example, many

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