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MBA 1 HRM April 2 2013 Assignment based on Basil Read HRM strategy. Human Resource Management Table of Contents Question Page Question 1 Discuss how the HR practices at Basil Read are aligned to support the use of technology throughout the organization. pg2 Question 2 Analyse and discuss how Basil Read through their various training initiatives can be considered as having a high-leverage strategy related to their business needs pg5 Question 3 Great emphasis at Basil Read is placed on the career path and career management of individuals 3.1 Discuss the benefits for this for both the employer and the individual 3.2 identified the career stage that you are currently in, your organization, and identify the career planning interventions that your organization implements. pg9 Question 4 “A performance management system is in the process of being rolled out which focuses on outputs as well as competencies and personal development.” Describe the importance of a performance management system at Basil Read and discuss whether the performance management system in place at your organization [or an organization that you are familiar with – if your organization does not have a structured performance management system] can be applied to Basil Read In recent years, HR professionals have become more aware of the need to automate human resources processes to save time and money, improve efficiency, illustrate return of investment, increase efficiency and ultimately spend more time on strategic HR(Sacht, 2010). Innovation forms the very core of Basil Reads offerings (best employee) this clearly illustrates the organizations understanding of technology in the business, there innovative designs and time crucial projects heavily rely in technology as a core building block. This mindset is evident in the HRM practices. Basil read has

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