Human Multitasking Essay

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Multitasking has become the coined phrase for describing the hectic daily lives of today’s society. As our everyday lives become more hectic, day-to-day activities begin to blur and the separation of work and home’s gap grow essentially closer and closer by the day. Is this necessarily a good thing? Is our brain truly capable of processing such a large amount of data, in such a little period of time? Being part of this technological generation, I find that even while typing this paper I am answering emails, phone calls, the door, eating, and a multitude of other odds and ends. Am I truly capable of delivering the best work to my ability due to these outside factors? I believe the answer is a resounding NO! Growing up in this technological era, I was introduced at a very young age to the video gaming world. It was from this point that I knew gaming would become a very large part of my life. I believe gaming was my first real experience of what technological multitasking entailed and what it can do to the human psyche. As any gamer knows, to beat the game you are playing or the opponent you are up against, it takes multitasking to be able to accomplish this. The movement of the joystick, the button-mashing combos, trying to foresee the next couple of moves, yelling and jumping all happen at the same time thanks to the ability to multitask. As gaming has evolved into a multiplayer online platform, I have found myself playing for countless hours leaving myself utterly exhausted. Gaming and exhaustion in my opinion should never be is the same sentence to say the very least. So what is the culprit, multitasking or our technological world? Our brains are in a competition with the technological world we live in, and we will essentially loose. If you take a moment to think of your brain as a CPU, once large amounts of information or multitasking begin the CPU becomes
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