Grand Theft Auto IV: A Materialistic Representation

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Grand Theft Auto IV: A Materialistic Representation Staying home while playing video games is a way to relax, and in some cases, people preferred that way. Video games can bring people to the fantasy world that they dreamed of. If you asked a person what kind of video game they played, most probably the answer is Super Mario Brothers or maybe Pac-man. As time passes by, the technology is becoming more sophisticated and video game programming becomes one of the biggest industries today. Game makers and publishers make a lot of money by creating video games that can appeal to many audiences. In fact, the competitions in video game industries are very competitive these days as a technology advances. From the simplicity of Super Mario Brothers, the video games are becoming more violent, graphical and harsh. The developers not only focus on something better, but they want something big. The gaming industry evolves and becomes an aspect of what the world represents. Today, gaming is not only for entertainment purposes, but also a stimulator, an educational tool, a messenger. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the games that most critics criticized because of many representations in some aspects – violence, racism, crime, poverty, etc. The game becomes a tool to give people an idea that materialism sometimes affects a person’s life. Lots of problems occur in the society which is closely related to the game itself, and the game emphasized these issues. Materialism is one of the issues in a person’s life and the materialistic nature of the characters in the game can be associated with different instinctual reasons. One of the reasons why people can be materialistic is because of childhood deprivation. The protagonist in the game is Niko Belic, a new immigrant who is seeking a good fortune in the US. Niko grew up in such a harsh place where his father bullied him and never

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