Workplace Observation Paper

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Workplace Observation Paper John Paul University of Phoenix MGT/331 Workplace Observation Paper The purpose of this paper is to describe the observable aspects of my organization’s culture. I will address my perceptions using the following three aspects organizational diversity, conflict management, and organizational policies. Organizational Diversity Organizational diversity refers to the organization’s ability to hire and retain employees that represent a wide range of attributes and qualities. Among our employees there are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, old, young, students in high school, students in college, and adults returning to college. Taking those employees and making them mesh together to form an organization, becomes challenging and at times difficult. We have several employees with over 10 years of service with Pilot Travel Center, which is unheard of in this industry. Pilot firmly believes that long-term service with the organization is sought after for the continuity and stability it brings. Pilot rewards those employees with over 10 years of service with free medical for the rest of the employee’s life. However, when you interact the older employees with the younger generation, conflict often arises. The younger generation has a different way of looking at work. They are unable to just stand in front of a register and service customers each and every day they tend to get bored. Telling them to do something is not good enough they want to know why. It’s a challenge for me to keep the work interesting enough so they feel motivated. They are able to pick the duties and responsibilities of the position much quicker than their older counterparts. It must have something to do with the video game generation that they were exposed to. I often have to play mediator when the older employees who

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