Hudson Shoe Essay

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Case Study 2 Hudson Shoe Company Hudson Shoe Company John Hudson, president of Hudson Shoe Company has been faced with a terrible dilemma. Hudson Shoe Company, started many years ago by John Hudson’s father was built on quality and intergrity and has had continual growth as so. However, after recent pursuit of entering the foreign market John Hudson has been pressured into sacrificing the integrity and loyalty towards smaller local customers who helped build the company from the beginning to meet the demands of the larger international business that has proved to be extremely profitable. However, after making many adjustments, changes, and sacrifices John has lost many of his smaller local business and is on the verge of losing his major domestic mail-in chain in the United States. You see, with the continual growth and sales within his foreign market John not had the man power, time, or financial means to satisfy his smaller local businesses. He has gotten several complaints about late deliveries and no longer accepts returns at the end of the season or to allow mark down allowances. However, because of the financial growth with the foreign market John has not seen it fit to improve his quality of business within the smaller business. John’s big dilemma is that his major domestic mail-order chain in the United States is threatening to pull out of business with Hudson Shoe Company, however the international business is offering a possible increase in business if John will allow an additional $2 per pair towards the defense ministers, who approved major business among the navy and army and also an additional $2 per pair towards the minister of revenue to continue granting import licenses. But it is not this cut and dry. Over the course of doing business with foreign business Hudson Shoe Company has had to continually break the foreign market off with a
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