Mohave County Workforce Development One-Stop Center

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Week Two Nicole’s Assessment Process and Need Statement Nicole Halliwill BSHS/452 Program Design & Proposal Writing October 7, 2013 Jennifer Albrecht Mohave County Workforce Development One-Stop Centers offers opportunities to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a vibrant local workforce. Mohave County Workforce Development One-Stop Centers is proposing a new program at the Kingman, Arizona chapter. They are proposing a new program called Helping Hands. Helping Hands is a brand new program that is hoping to fulfill a mission. If Helping Hands can create qualified and well prepared applicants then the applicants will have a better chance of filling the positions that are available and reducing the unemployment…show more content…
There are numerous contributing factors that make this even harder on the population of Mohave County to survive. The need is evident with the growing rate of people only surviving because of benefits like food stamps and unemployment checks that things need to change. This is even more of an issue right now with the government shutting down and putting a stop to programs like WIC and possibly food stamps. The need is for there to be more available positions. The reasons this occurs is due to numerous factors like the number of companies going out of business, lack of job growth, future plans for job growth does not meet the need, founding father’s not allowing large business to come to town, education level of community, sales tax is high, and average household income is low. Another reason for the high unemployment rates in Mohave County is that there are some very rural areas and job availability is low. Some people actually make more living off the unemployment benefits then they would get paid at a minimum wage job. “Unemployment benefits range from $60 to $240 per week depending on a person’s previous income” (Pelham, 2011). “The average job growth is 1.46% lower than the Nation’s average. Mohave County’s future job growth is a planned 3.82% less than National average. Sales tax is 3.85% higher than the…show more content…
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