Hsm 210 Week 2 Research Paper

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HSM/210 WEEK 2 INDIVIDUAL July 22, 2012: Some of the current needs for the elderly to find affordable housing is not enough housing units, safe environments, easy access, and good locations. Elderly people looking for affordable housing through local public housing may find that they will be placed on a waiting list because there are no units available. If there is a unit available it may be in an area where crime, drugs, and gangs are high, making the area unsafe for elderly people. Some of the units may have stairs which is not easy access for someone who is elderly. These units could be in areas where there are no grocery stores or drug stores in walking distance for an elderly person who does not drive or has a hard time walking long distances. This could make it difficult on an elderly person. Some obstacles that are preventing resolutions of these problems are funding to open more units in safer areas for the elderly and finding locations to put more units. There are a…show more content…
This site provides information to the elderly people with low incomes and where they can find affordable homes. The next target population is the mental ill for the state agency I picked Ohio Department of Mental Health. The current needs and obstacles that are preventing resolution of this problem are huge, funding. This state ran program depends on state funding including grants. Funding for this program is a huge part of their needs. Another need is more workers to handle all the patients. Every year more and more people are diagnosed with a mental illness but, the staff barely gets bigger. Human service programs that are currently addressing the problems include County Human Services they provide Medicaid to mentally ill patients so they can receive proper treatment and

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