Homelessness: A Brief Summary

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Introduction This article is about people with long-term, often repeated episodes of homelessness who also has alcohol problems. The author identifies the reason for this study is the barriers set by housing agencies are to in depth. The agencies have a long list of test and medical guidelines to follows. A Brief Summary The author chose this reason because it is believed that if barriers need to be lowered to obtain a spot in the housing units. Homeless people would attempt or even be entered into the house faster. Some housing units require psychiatric or substance abuse treatment attendance or abstinence from substance use (van Wormer R, 2009). According to Center for Mental Health Services and US Interagency Council on Homelessness…show more content…
I think that long test and other guidelines that are drawn out does interfere with the homeless want and need to seek help. If barriers were lower and the standards were lower more homeless people who seek help and want to get their alcohol problem under control. Not all the homeless want or need help but there r a lot of them that is a afraid of the outcomes that comes along with seeking help from housing agencies and government programs. If a person has a reason to do better they will at least try. The studies showed that if the barriers were lower more homeless would want to and will go to housing agencies for help instead of living on the streets. Alcohol becomes a social problem because of us. We, the people, have used it too much and the problems stem from our abuse of alcohol. It is easy to do and it can happen to anyone. Alcohol abuse is universal. It has no social class, no stereotypes; it is not racially motivated and is not limited to any age group. The fact that alcohol is addictive and can cause medical problems has not been kept a secret. We all know the damage it can do. It takes a strong person to admit he/ she has a problem and want and need…show more content…
Advocate client rights both in the shelter and in the community. This could (and usually did) include contacting local business and often other social service organizations to secure services for a client depending on their individual needs. Help client secure assistance if needed with mental/emotional/psychological/addiction counselling (though as a certified addiction counselor and dual/diagnosis counsellor and usually would provide clients with these services and the social worker also reaches out to outsource like other agencies. For homeless people there are many ways to get access to temporary housing or permanent housing. The most common way for homeless people to get a temporary roof over their head is by staying at a homeless shelter. However, there are also other options for homeless individuals such as low-income housing. Other organizations also offer homeless people housing first, and give them the chance to work toward employment or

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